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Finding the Best Vegan Smoothie Mix

Finding the Best Vegan Smoothie Mix

For decades, vegans have been left out of some of the best food trends. Living a lifestyle you can be proud of isn’t always easy, but at least your smoothies can be had guilt free. It’s been difficult to find vegan smoothie mixes in the past, due primarily to the additives put into some of the more popular brands and dairy ingredients. A quality vegan smoothie mix is a flavorful and easy way to get a dose of fruit and vegetables without any animal products at all. In fact, a vegan certified smoothie mix (which is essentially fruit puree) could turn out to be a much more versatile toy for your plant-based diet than you might have expected.





One thing that everyone should be paying attention to, especially those living a more conscientious lifestyle, is the ingredient list on the products purchased for consumption. It may seem a little unlikely, but many juices and smoothie mixes are not vegan friendly. A lot of companies like to use thickening agents to make their products less water-like. Some of these additives are made from animal by-products and need to be avoided by vegans. Finding a vegan friendly smoothie mix that doesn’t compromise on flavor doesn’t have to be a challenge, there are some brands out there with your interests in mind.





Vegan friendly food options are often mocked by non-vegans for their lack of flavor. There’s no need to suffer boring and redundant meals just because of your world view and lifestyle choice. The most sought after vegan smoothie mix is available in a great range of delicious flavors. The best vegan smoothie mix makes fantastic smoothies that will leave you wanting for naught in the flavor department, without costing an arm and a leg from the local juice stand. You can have great taste. Don’t punish yourself. A 100% real fruit smoothie mix made with real fruit and no added sugar could be a great sweetener to help eliminate your sweeteners consumption. Why use sugar when you can use fruits?



Mix and Match


Great tasting vegan smoothie mix? Got it. Looking for a trip to flavor town? Good thing you have that bottle of vegan smoothie mix. Just by adding a little water, that mix can be turned into 100% fruit juice from concentrate. It can also be used to top your favorite desserts. For the more adventurous vegan, the finest smoothie mix can also be used to create or improve adult oriented beverages. When you discover a great tasting vegan friendly ingredient, don’t be afraid to find alternative uses for it! Your only limitation is your imagination, and to a certain extent, your courage to try new things.

Living a vegan lifestyle can be challenging at times. In the past, options for flavor booms have been limited, but those days are over. Take advantage of a vegan smoothie mix that makes smoothies in your own home cost effective and convenient while adding an ingredient to your arsenal that allows for game changing tastes to be created. Discover more about the options open to you by picking up a couple of bottles of the best vegan smoothie mix on the market and experimenting a little. You’ll end up with new tastes able to please any palette, and you won’t need to compromise your beliefs to do it.

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